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19 juillet, 2010

To the Special Rapporteuse on the situation of human rights Defenders

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Letter of July 19, 2010 from Chrysalis to :

Margaret Sekaggya

Special Rapporteuse on the situation of human rights Defenders

Bureau du Haut Commissariat aux droits de l’homme

Palais Wilson

Office des Nations Unies à Genève

CH 1211 Genève 10



               Re: Protection of a human rights Defender and assistance to Christian Lesecq

Dear Mrs Sekaggya,

Christian Lesecq is the President of our N.G.O. and he has been a human rights Defender for many years after he was deprived of his property by the Government of France.

His actions as a human rights Defender started with  complaints before the French courts, which were followsd by seizing the Human Rights European Court for violations of Property Right and for non-fulfilment of Fair Justice.

He has campaigned for years on the Internet for human rights with the web site http://www.osecours.net/,   and now additionally with http://www.xrisalis.org/ our own web site. In 2007 he started a blog at http://justeurope.unblog.fr which was read by approximately 50,000 internauts up to now.

At last, Christian Lesecq wrote and publishd a book entitled “Défenseur des droits de l’homme en France », which is enclosed herein.

The book states the case by containing the description of human rights violations, attacks and harassments  which have been suffered by Christian Lesecq for about 20 years and which are still going on today when Christian Lesecq is subject to governmental repeated harassments devised to silence him.

Christian Lesecq is at present  retired ; 78 years old, he lives precariously in the country at Sainte Marguerite de Carrouges, 61320, France.

He has been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treated by anti-depressants prescribed by a psychiatrist doctor from governmental department of psychotherapy (Centre Psychothérapique de l’Orne).

We beg you to receive the present communication by acknowledging receipt thereof.

Respectfully yours,


                                                                                      Chrysalis, N.G.O.

                                                                                          By C.Lesecq

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